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I am a bilingual clinical psychologist in private practice in Avon CT.  My approach to therapy is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT), although I also have an extensive background in Psychodynamic Therapy.  My focus is on helping my clients foster the balance between validating their own unique personal attributes and facilitating desirable change.  I utilize treatment interventions that have been proven by sound research to be the most effective in treating clients' specific difficulties.  I am also attentive to building and nurturing a meaningful, secure therapeutic relationship- the most essential element to positive treatment outcomes.   

The positive outcomes from delivering high quality, sophisticated, and evidence-based treatment to my clients have been especially evident in the areas of:


1) Reducing anxiety, obsessive thoughts/behaviors, depression, and stress

2) Reducing intense shame, anger, rage, emotional outbursts, and impulsive behaviors

3) Reducing procrastination and enhancing motivation

4) Increasing the ability to manage daily demands and maintain self-care

5) Enhancing the ability to relax and enjoy life, and overall life-satisfaction

6) Increasing compassionate understanding and defusing conflicts in couples/parent-child relationships 

7) Strengthening healthy self-esteem, and confidence in achieving short-and long-term goals   


Previously, I was a Senior Staff Psychologist at Maimonides Medical Center Child-Adolescent Outpatient Services in New York.  I have providing individual, family, and group psychotherapy to children, adolescents, young adults, and parents.  I also supervised doctoral psychology interns and psychiatry residents. I taught seminars, presented hospital grand-rounds, and provided consultations to parents, school guidance counselors, and mental health professionals.  I have trained intensively through Beck Institute, and in 2015, I was certified as a Cognitive Diplomate by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (ACT) which was founded by Dr. Aron T. Beck.  ACT Diplomate status is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated an advanced knowledge of the theory of cognitive therapy and expertise in its practice.  In addition, I completed the DBT Intensive Training Program through Dr. Marsha Linehan's Behavioral Tech LLC.  In 2020, I was awarded as a Board Certified DBT therapist by DBT Linehan Certification Board.  


Prior to opening my practice in Connecticut, I helped create a small private practice network in New York, The Brooklyn CBT/DBT Team.  It provided evidence-based treatment to child, adolescent, and adult clients suffering from a wide range of emotional and behavioral difficulties.  In addition to my efforts to provide individual-tailored and result-driven CBT, I have also continued to receive long term individual DBT Consultation from DBT Board Certified and PE certified trainer Chris Conley as well as DBT group supervision from Dr. Alec Miller, a DBT expert, in order to ensure the integrity of the treatment model.     


After working as a clinical psychologist in the United States, and a student counselor at medical universities in Taiwan, I believe psychoeducation is essential to promote public health.  In addition to my frequent outreach work in schools and communities in the U.S., I have also written articles regarding mental health and social issues for the China Daily News. In 2009, I published my Chinese-language book “Actually, We Are Not That Bad” which was based on my personal struggles of being labeled as a “troubled teen” and my path to self-discovery and triumph.  The book was on the 2009 best-selling list in Taiwan, and it has generated media attention and public discussion about the impact of the Chinese educational system and cultural values on the individual and collective social well-being.       



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