Services Offered

Individual Therapy for Adolescents & Adults  


Are you wondering if CBT or DBT is the right choice for you or your loved one? One way to find out is to learn more about them!




Couple & Family Skills Training:


  • Couple Skills Training - Couple Skills Training is designed to help couples find peace, kindness, validation, and intimacy in their lives through the active learning and practicing of DBT skills. 


  • Family DBT Skills Training - Family DBT Skills Training does not replace the client's individual psychotherapy.  It is designed to help family members find a middle pathway to work through their difficulties and conflicts.  It focuses on assisting parents to understand and effectively help their children become more adaptive in managing their everyday emotions and behaviors.  They will learn to actively provide effective validation while also applying evidence-based behavioral strategies to foster desirable change.   

Current Group Therapy Schedule 


The DBT Skills Training Group is geared towards relatively high functioning individuals. Clients must be attending school, working, or volunteering in order to participate in group.  Unlike other types of group therapy, DBT requires participants to attend individual therapy for the period of time that they are in group.  The participant's primary therapist does not have to be DBT oriented as long as they provide risk management for their clients.   


The DBT Skills Training Group takes approximately 6 months to complete. In some cases, clients elect to stay in group longer to increase their mastery of skill use. New group members enter into the group at the beginning of each new module, which is typically every 5 weeks.



  • DBT Skills Group for Adolescents (60 minutes per session for 6 months) 

 Accepting Referrals From:

  • Concerned Family Members

  • Psychiatrists

  • Pediatricians

  • Schools

  • Therapists & Counselors     

  • Education Agencies